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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the slaying of two of our teachers.

Willis Binsiima (left) and Charles Kule Mitsagharu (right)

It is with overwhelming sadness that we announce to you the passing of Hope and Resurrection Secondary School (HRSS) teachers, Charles Kule Mitsagharu and Willis Binsiima.  On Sunday, May 26, 2019, the two teachers were returning to Hope and Resurrection Secondary School  in the school's SUV having picked up our Principal Anthony Wal in Rumbek.  They were approximately 35 miles from the school when they were stopped by armed gunmen who mistook Charles and Willis for Kenyans involved in a different incident that had occurred earlier in the day.  These gunmen were only interested in inflicting revenge.  Our Ugandan brothers, Charles and Willis, were shot and killed by these men in a senseless rampage.  The life of our South Sudanese Principal, Anthony, was spared, but he remains in shock from having witnessed the attack. 

Charles and Willis have been on the faculty of school for a long period of time and have dedicated their lives to the humanitarian efforts being made in South Sudan.  They have taught many lessons to our students, but the most important were the lessons of peace, truth, and being a good neighbor.

The students and teachers are receiving spiritual, emotional, and physical care from our partners, The Catholic Diocese of Rumbek (DOR).  It has been an outpouring of love and care.  HRSS will be closed for the next two weeks as we all grieve.  Our Ugandan teachers and Hope for Humanity, Inc. representatives are flying with the bodies of Charles and Willis to their ancestral homes in Uganda.  The Government has closed all public schools in the Lakes State of South Sudan for one week in honor of our fallen teachers.  The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) will be on the HRSS campus for the next few weeks helping the entire Atiaba community as they go through the process of healing. 

It is our hope that you keep the HRSS community in your prayers, and please consider a special donation for the families of these faithful and dedicated men, teachers Charles and Willis.   They leave behind wives and children who need our support.


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